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Estadio Santiago Bernabeu

Estadio Santiago Bernabeu was constructed from 1945 till 1947. It was build on the same ground of the previous stadium. It was build because Real Madrid needed a bigger stadium for their growing group of supporters. In 1970s officials stated to making plans to build a new stadium because the stadium already started to age, but in 1982 the decided to renovate Estadio Santagio Bernabeu instead with a view to the 1982 World Cup. It was redeveloped by a roof over the two-tiered stands and the installation in half of the stadium. As a result the capacity was decreased from about 100,000 to 90,800 places. UEFA reqiered the stadium to become an all-seater, in 1990s. That would have reduced the capacity by almost a half. The club president therfore planed a redevelopment which included a complete new tier. The works were completed in 1994. Esatadio Santiago Bernabeu has now a capacity of 81,044 seats.

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